This project, Samena, takes place just outside of Marseille by the sea. I was interested in the body facing the essential elements of ocean and rock. In this series, I gathered a group of amateur dancers with whom I had already performed as a dancer myself. The idea was to follow the human bodies as if they were parts of this rough nature found at the gates of Marseille. By imagining what could be a new ritual of reconciliation with the earth, protecting nature and life with a symbolic survival blanket. A text by Albert Camus, Noces, particularly inspired me : « non ce n’était pas moi qui comptais, ni le monde, mais seulement l’accord et le silence qui de lui à moi faisait naître l’amour » Like the story of an initiatory journey.
To reach a form of letting go, in the unawareness of one’s own identity, a celebration of this communion with natural forces. I would like to approach a form of ancient mythology, to yield a gesture, a mystical dance, identical to the poetic knowledge of the world.

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